Friday, August 16, 2013


when we found out baby boy was on his way, I knew I'd need to save money on diapers by doing the whole cloth diaper thing. long story short, I ended up doing a zillion hours of research on patterns and fabrics and, most importantly, how not to be grossed out by using cloth diapers, and decided I could do it and that I'd make my own.

I wanted ones that are simple to use but I also need them to look cute on teeny bums. since I decided to make 3 different sizes instead of the one-size-fits-all kind I'll be making 60 diapers in total, which is insane. supposedly they'll last through more than one kid, though, so bonus. and I'm only making the first size before he's born, so 24 to start isn't so bad. I kinda die over how cute they're turning out.
cloth diapers
I actually planned on starting these sooner, but the snaps got stolen off my porch and I couldn't bring myself to re-order them for the longest time cause it bummed me out too much thinking of someone opening the package and likely throwing it in the nearest dumpster. cause, really, what's a normal person gonna do with 600 snaps?


  1. holy cow these are cute. and they don't even have the cute tiny bum in there yet. That you are also msking. you're a talented lady.

  2. we got a package of fuzzi bunz from our friend today and i was like aaaahhhh how am i gonna do this?? but this is what i think in general of all things baby these days so i guess it's just par for the course. i love the colors!

  3. These are great! Keep me posted on how this goes...both the making and using.

  4. These look so amazing! What pattern did you use?

    1. thanks! I used the cloth revolution pocket diaper but the instructions were a little general for my liking so I watched a youtube video from a girl who made a how-to that really helped.